Cooling Breath - How to Practice Sitali


The word ‘Sitali’ in Sanskrit means "cooling.” This breathing technique helps to cool the body and calm the mind, perfect to practice in the heat of summer!

How to practice:

  1. Sit in any comfortable position, exhale whatever breath is in the lungs. Keep the head level and spine tall. Fully extend and curl the tongue from the sides inwards, with the mouth open.

  2. Inhale through the mouth, allowing the air to cool the tongue and fill the lungs completely. After a full in breath, withdraw the tongue and close the mouth. Retain the breath for a count or two.

  3. Exhale slowly out through the nostrils.

This completes one cycle of Sitali. Repeat for 6-8 breath cycles. Finish with a few minutes of normal breathing before lying down in Savasana.