5 Tips to Maintain Your Yoga Practice (and sanity) During the Holidays

It's that time of year when we wish we have more hours in the day to fit in our yoga or meditation practice. Make sure to give the following tips a go!

1. SCHEDULE IT IN. Make it a non negotiable in your day.

2. MODIFY IF NECESSARY. Time is precious especially during this busy season, if you can only dedicate 5 minutes for your practice that’s better than nothing!

3. EXPAND YOUR DEFINITION OF YOGA. Think beyond yoga postures and breathwork to other yogic practices. Use this time as an opportunity to mix things up!

4. DITCH THE YOGA MAT. The practice of yoga is not confined to the space on our mats, we can take our practice everywhere we go! Stuck in traffic? Use these moments wisely, focus on the slow and steady rhythm of the breath.

5. BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Ask your spouse, a friend or even your colleague to help you stay on track!

Don’t stress if your regular practice changes and you can’t fit in your weekly one hour yoga class. Just remember that yoga is a way of life, use your practice to live more gracefully and consciously in the present moment.