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Hi, my name is Lauren

I am a qualified personal trainer and passionate student and teacher of yoga. This wonderful practice plays such an important role in my life. I believe that our health is our greatest wealth, in yoga we address all aspects of wellbeing; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. With a steadfast and regular practice, yoga will continue to enhance your health and happiness in numerous ways. Let me help you experience the benefits of yoga today!

“Lauren is a very calm and positive teacher and I have loved attending her classes. She has an ingrained knowledge of anatomy and uses variations of each pose to ensure yoga students at all stages are getting the most out of the practice. Lauren’s classes are always different – incorporating a range of poses and breathing techniques, all carefully explained. She is attentive of the students and makes gentle suggestions and adjustments throughout each session. Lauren’s love of yoga shines through during her classes and she is always happy to answer questions and have a chat after class. Highly recommended!”
— Jane


We are proud stockists of the Bestow Beauty range.

We are passionate about the holistic approach to the Bestow way of living. Working from within to nourish the skin and achieve whole body health and vitality. If you enjoy the delicious recipes at our retreat days and would like to purchase any of the cookbooks or beauty oils please get in touch today.

Yoga & You is a wellness advocate of doTERRA Essential Oils. We believe in providing an experience of yoga that nourishes all of the senses. You will find a selection of beautiful oils are used at our retreat days and weekly classes. If you would like to learn more about the oils and how you can incorporate them into your daily living, please send us your enquiry to receive more info!